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Things to consider before hiring an in-home caregiver


Do your elderly parents, grandparents or loved ones refuse to go a nursing home? They’re not alone. It’s common for people to desire the comfort of their own home as they age. However, in-home care is vital for managing their health properly.

Here’s what you should consider before hiring an in-home nurse or caregiver:

Making the decision
It’s impossible for family caregivers to do everything for their loved ones. Hiring private help is important for your loved one’s health, as well as your well-being. Look out for red flags that indicate it may be time to bring in professional help. AARP highlighted signs your loved one may need an in-home nurse or caregiver, including fall hazards, loneliness and extreme changes in weight or mood.

Asking the right questions
If hiring in-home care is the right decision for your loved one, you’ll want to do your research about potential providers, caregivers and nurses.

Start by confirming candidate credentials with questions like:

  • Can you describe your experiences with in-home care?
  • Are you licensed and bonded?
  • What health care training in nursing do you have?
  • Are you Red Cross certified in CPR or First Aid?
  • Are you certified with Medicare and Medicaid?

Follow up with questions about the care that providers offer:

  • What specific services do you offer?
  • Will the same caregiver be here every time?
  • Can we request a change in caregiver?
  • Do you match caregivers with patients based on similar interests or personal connections?
  • How much cleaning support do you provide?
  • Are caregivers available 24 hours, seven days a week?

Once you figure out the logistics, you can embark on a more telling conversation with potential caregivers about their personal experience and interests. That way, you can feel confident that your loved one will get along well with the nurse or caregiver.

Finding the perfect caregiver
When you work with a staffing agency like Colonial Domestic, you can rest assured that you’ll find a nurse or caregiver who is the right fit for your loved one. We work with you to understand your specific needs and match you with a trustworthy, professional and caring private caregiver. Our nurses are fully trained and certified with private care experience, and our caregivers undergo in-depth interviews to confirm their knowledge and experience in medical environments. We also offer a six-month trial period after we match you with a candidate to make sure your loved one likes them as much as we do.

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