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Tips for hiring a chauffeur

Busy professionals quickly realize that the time they spend driving or commuting could be better used working on business or personal tasks. A chauffeur is an invaluable asset for those with hectic lifestyles who want to get to their destinations safely and on time. 

An experienced chauffeur can sometimes be difficult to find. Sometimes a friend or relative will recommend an employee, or you may find a driver through a chauffeur service company. You may find a good candidate this way, but for safety reasons, it is important that you obtain his or her full driving record. This type of endeavor is time-consuming, so it may be a good idea to use the services of a domestic staffing agency for your search. 

An agency will do the work of conducting a full background investigation of a candidate including reviewing driving records and speaking with references before allowing a candidate to interview with you. Employers will only be matched with candidates whose experience fits the job description. 

As you begin to interview applicants, remember that whomever you hire will be responsible for your vehicle and your safety. Be comfortable asking about his or her driving style. Is he calm? Does she have a bit of road rage? The best way to evaluate this is to take the candidate on a road test. Be sure to note whether or not he or she is familiar with the area. It is also useful to know if your potential hire is skilled with auto repair and maintenance. 

If you are looking for a chauffeur in New York City, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our counselors can match you with candidates whose experience can meet your needs.

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