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Tips to have a safe and fun Halloween: Part Two

If your kids are planning on going out trick-or-treating this Halloween, it’s important they stay safe. Unfortunately, only about one-third of parents talk to their kids annually about Halloween even though roughly three-fourths fear for their safety.

Don’t be one of those parents. Make sure you discuss Halloween safety with your kids and anyone who might be accompanying them. Doing so will decrease your anxiety and better protect your little ones as they scurry around in search of yummy treats.

In part one of our three-part series, we covered a few safety tips about travel and costume safety. Let’s cover a couple of more here.

1. Driver safety

Some people may have to drive to different neighborhoods to trick-or-treat because they live on a main road. If you’re driving children to a new location, make sure to be extra careful while on the road.

Children are very excited on Halloween which makes their behavior often unpredictable. Because of this, it’s important that you take extra time to check both ways while at intersections and medians. When you’re passing children on the street, slow your car to a crawl. You don’t want to frighten them.

Make sure the music is turned off, and, if it’s not too cold, the windows are open. This will ensure you can hear, as well as see, any children running from house to house.

Finally, try arriving at your intended destination well before other children begin trick-or-treating. Prime time hours are between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm

2. Neighborhood safety

Always travel to neighborhoods you’re familiar with. Exploring new neighborhoods at night is extremely dangerous. You may not be aware of who lives in the neighborhood. You will also be less familiar with how cars drive around, as well as street structure (e.g., availability of sidewalks) like sidewalks and street lights.

If you want to trick-or-treat in a new neighborhood, explore the area well ahead of time. Call the local police station and ask how safe the area is. They’ll be able to inform you what kind of and how many incidents, if any, have taken place in the neighborhood. They may even be able to recommend areas to trick-or-treat in .

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