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Top 12 outdated job application process: Part Two

Applying for jobs doesn't need to be a stressful practice. In fact, it can be a lot of fun if you go about it the right way. Here are some tips to help make your next job application experience enjoyable:

1. Your resume should only be a page

If you're a new college grad with little experience, this makes sense. However,  if you're a new graduate who held a wealth of leadership positions in and out of school, you should let employers know. Don't be afraid to let employers know you were the president of an organization if you are applying for a management position. They'll want to know you have the ability to lead, work as part of a team and think strategically.

2. Place every job you ever had on your resume

Gone are the days you have to organize your resume chronologically. As noted above, if you section off your resume by "industry experience" and "other work history," there may be some obvious, notable gaps. If a hiring manager calls you, this will be the time to address the gaps, which you based on how you organized your resume. It may take the hiring manager a bit longer to ensure you're telling the truth, but there are no red flags there.

3. Informing the manager, on a cover letter, you'll call to schedule an interview

Anyone who places this on their resume is brave, but the practice seems conceited. In fact, this piece of advice might not even be outdated. It's just plain wrong. A hiring manager is the only one who decides if and when you receive an interview. However, following up three days later to ensure they received your resume is good practice. When you call, ask if they received your resume and if there is anything else you could forward over to them.

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