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Top 3 challenges of being a nanny

Becoming a nanny can be a very rewarding career, spending time with children and influencing the young adults they grow up to become. However, this industry isn't without its challenges, and the difference between being a good nanny and an amazing one lies in understanding and overcoming those hurdles. While nanny jobs include many of the common issues that any career path holds, they also have unique challenges that a nanny needs to be both mentally and physically prepared for. These include:

Communication – Communicating with your employer can be one of the biggest challenges in any nanny job, especially when it's to discuss problems you're having on the job. You might be worried that your complaints will lead to being fired, or that they simply won't care. However, being comfortable in your relationship with your charge's parents enough to discuss issues you're having with the job, their expectations or their child, is an important part of the job, and will help to ensure a more stable, rewarding career path later on. Opening the lines of communication early on will help make it easier to discuss job changes and problems down the road.

Discipline – Every parent has different ideas on how to discipline their children and, more important, who should be doing it. These ideas become complicated when a nanny is involved, because it is difficult to punish a young child hours after an event takes place. However, they may not want the nanny doing any of the disciplining, or have very strict ideas of what the nanny is and isn't allowed to do that differ from what your opinions may be. Make sure to discuss disciplinary roles very early on and get clear and concise instructions about what the parents expect from you.

Saying goodbye – Ultimately, every nanny's job comes to an end as the child they care for outgrows the need for a nanny. This is a sad time for any nanny, but a necessary one, and it is important to be prepared for it from the start. While it is essential, and often unavoidable, that you become attached to your young charges, make sure you're mentally and emotionally prepared to say goodbye to them one day. However, who knows, you may leave such a lasting impression on them that you will have made a life-long friend in the process.

Nannying is a challenging career choice, and requires a very specific type of person. If you think this is the right career path for you, don't hesitate to contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our expert job placement service can help find you the right family in Los Angeles for your personality and talents.

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