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Top 3 things employers look for in the 21st century job candidate

The skills that helped someone obtain a job 10 or 20 years ago may not help them earn the same position today. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on candidate to stay current on new technologies. Here are some skills employers want 21st century candidates to have:

1. Social media and internet experience

The amount of social media or internet experience an employer wants from candidates depends on the position. However, this isn't the 1980s and 1990s anymore. Every candidate should be familiar with how to perform research using the internet.  It's also helpful if the candidate has experience in social media. Social media can be used for searching for jobs and networking. 

2. Experience

Unfortunately having a bachelor's degree isn't enough to help you land your dream job. In fact, it probably isn't enough to land you most entry level jobs. Companies want to see you have experience working in a certain setting. Complement your degrees with internships, volunteer work or entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Technical skills

This seems obvious, but how many times have you received feedback that sounded something like this, "You have a lot of great qualities, but the company is looking for someone who has a little more technical ability in "x" program(s)." You can be a great leader and communicator who loves to be a team player, but companies want applicants who already understand their systems.

The amount of technical knowledge expected from you will depend on your experience level. If you're about to graduate, ask your school advisor if you have the right technical experience for the jobs you're applying too.

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