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Top 6 things not to do after a job interview: Part One

Let’s say you had a great interview for your dream position as a chef. You prepared accordingly, taking the advice of our recent article on how to boost your interviewing skills. You felt like you connected with your recruiters and that you’re also a great fit for the position.

However, you’re not quite finished yet. You still have to close, and that comes after the interview is over. Many people fail to follow up or, at least, do so correctly. The waiting game commences and suddenly hours turn into days and days turn into weeks. Sometime during that time period you probably thought that you’ve been passed over as a candidate and you may be correct.

Here are three things not to do after your interview:

1. Less is more

You should send a thank you note 24 hours after your interview. Twelve hours is preferable. Because recruiting firms move quickly, it’s appropriate to send a thank you email. However, don’t overdo it by constantly contacting the hiring manager. If you don’t receive a response in a week, it’s usually ok to follow up unless they gave implicit instructions not to.

2. Stay off social media

There are plenty of times that candidates take to social media to either express their pleasure or displeasure in how an interview went. This is a mistake because they are assuming an outcome before it may have been decided.

Research indicates that nearly 50 percent of employers use Google or other search engines to research your background. They are sure to find that post you published about them.

3. Don’t mention other job offers

Don’t put pressure on a company to make a decision about your candidacy. When following up with a company, always focus on your strengths as a chef and how you can help a family become healthier. However, if a company has asked whether you’ve received multiple job offers, and you have, then there is no harm in letting them know.

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