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Top 6 concerns about resume writing: Part one

People are often concerned with how to write a resume. They're not sure how much information to put on it or how much detail to go into. They're often worried that it's not focused enough or it's too vague. They may also be nervous that it's not formatted properly or doesn't have visual appeal.

These are all points we'll discuss shortly. But before we do, remember that a quality resume can help you land an interview, so it's  important to spend time a lot of time creating it. 

1. What's the real point of a resume?

A resume won't get you hired, but it can get you noticed by an interviewer. First impressions are important, and you make one when the recruiter first scans your resume.

Ensure your resume has no grammatical mistakes and is formatted properly. A resume is a quick glimpse into who you are as a professional, whether that's a chef, housemaid, personal assistant or valet driver. Always make sure to read over your resume several times before sending it to the recruiter.

2. How to focus the resume

If you're a chef, tailor it to the specific family you're hoping to serve. Is the family concerned with eating only organic food? Will you be serving a couple or an entire family?

If you're a nurse, emphasize your educational background. If you went to a prestigious nursing school, for example, let your interviewer know how your nursing program compares to others around the country and how it helped you prepare for the job you're now applying to.

If you're a valet driver, tout your customer service skills and driving record. If you've worked with a number of different people over a lengthy career, such as with families and executives, let the recruiter know. This will showcase your diverse background.

3. Should your resume be general or specific?

What do we mean by being general or specific? If your resume has a "career objective," tailor it to the specific job you're applying to or you can make it more general, discussing how you are a good worker and hope to advance yourself.

A general resume uses less statistics to backup accomplishments. If you're a chef, instead of saying that you know how to cook a variety of different meals, describe some of those meals and how many people you cooked them for.

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