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Top 6 things not to do after a job interview: Part Two

Nailing an interview is not easy. It takes a lot of prep work to ensure you make a great impression with the recruiter and family. While in previous articles we addressed what you should and should not do during an interview, here are three things you shouldn’t do after an interview.

1. Your hiring manager is not your social media friend

It’s recommended that professionals connect with each other over social media channels. However, it’s not appropriate to friend request or connect with your hiring manager until you have the job. Even then, make sure you’re only connecting on the right sites. Unless you become really good friends, don’t reach out to them on Facebook. Instead, stick to professional networking sites.

2. Lose touch with the recruiter

As we mentioned in part one of this series, it’s important not to bombard the recruiter with a lot of follow up calls or emails. At the same time, it’s important you don’t lose touch with him or her. The reason is twofold. First, staying in contact lets the recruiter know you have a high interest in the job.

3. Stop working

If you’re interviewing for new positions while currently employed, it’s important to not put in notice for your original job too soon. Make sure the recruiter first offers you the position you’re applying to.

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