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Traits to look for in a professional when hiring for the holidays: Part One

If you're hosting family this Thanksgiving, you're bound to be busy. You'll have to cook, clean and organize your home. You'll have to entertain and ensure that everyone has what they need  during their entire stay.

But let's pretend you want to reduce your stress by hiring professionals to help out. You've decided to hire a chef, personal assistant and nanny for Thanksgiving, and you're open to keeping them on board if everything works out.

What kind of qualities should you look for in each?


Nannies hired through Colonial Domestic have a wide range of skills. Many are able to speak multiple languages which is great if you have family members who speak better in their native tongue than in English. Nannies are also adept at some light housekeeping work and taking care of the children. All nannies should be attentive, respectful, well-organized and hard working.


The type of chef you hire should depend on the type of cuisine you enjoy. If you want a Thanksgiving Day meal full of vegetarian treats, hire a chef with that kind of background. Every chef will have excellent time management and interpersonal skills and, obviously, be able to cook a superb meal that excites the taste buds

Personal Assistant

As an executive, you're bound to have plenty of work to do during the week of Thanksgiving. It's often a short week for many, and you may have to entertain guests throughout the weekend. If that's the case, a personal assistant can help you stay up to date on work so you don't fall behind. He or she should be well-organized, articulate and understand business concepts.

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