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Traveling Executive Housekeeper needed for a single lady! (75K+full benefits)

A successful single lady is looking to hire an executive housekeeper to accompany her when traveling nationwide to her various homes. Executive housekeeper duties will include–deep cleaning, unpacking/packing for travel, answer phones and deliver messages, laundry and ironing, organize households, ensure necessary items are in stock, prepare homes for arrival, greet and accommodate guests, run various errands, assist with serving and event set-up/clean-up and help with additional daily duties as needed. Executive housekeeper needs to obtain previous 5+ years of work experience with a private family/individual, obtain excellent communication skills, excel under pressure, be able to adapt to all situations and environments and be able to travel in a moments notice for long periods. All interested and qualified executive housekeepers please call us directly at 310.477.0565 or send your resume to [email protected] for review and immediate attention.

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