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Traveling with nannies requires proper planning

Anyone who works with domestic services may have to plan far in advance for travel. This is true for financial reasons, as well as logistical ones: You'll need to factor in payment rates as well as how and where your nanny travels with you. But even if you don't travel with domestic help, laying out the rules in the beginning can make necessary household tasks that much easier.

Why arrange a travel nanny? When you visit special locations or stay in nice hotels, you'll want assurance that the person coming with you knows what they're doing. What's more, having someone with you the whole time will give your children someone their consistently. If they know this person from before, this could build off of a previous relationship, but if not, there's still the chance for this person to be a valuable companion.

Once you've set clear parameters, you may be able to more readily plan out a trip in advance for you and your family's best comfort. Even just planning a domestic schedule far ahead can save you some time later on. This helps you account for anything your hired help might need while they are working for you.

Paying attention to your staff's needs may also include recognizing your children's needs. When on the go, for example, you'll have to prepare to bring your kids with you and keep them entertained. If the nanny accompanies you, it may be easier to work with them and be there for your kids when necessary.

Domestic service planning can start with a qualified placement service that brings experienced candidates to you. Contact Colonial for more information on the different positions we can fill. Hire a private nanny and start your working relationship off on a positive note with our expertise.

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