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Ultimate chauffeur position: Member of the presidential motorcade

The United States Secret Service recently released a request for proposal for a new armored limousine presumably for the president, although the agency won't go into much detail. According to the request, specifications for the new vehicle include, "concept development, armor design, initial automotive component selection and chassis development, material testing, armor system modeling and simulation, and armor system fabrication and testing (live fire)." The manufacturer that can meet all of these requirements will receive a fixed price contract. 

We at Colonial Domestic Agency think that presidential limousines are fascinating, but we also wonder about the people behind the wheel. Someone who has been entrusted to drive the President of the United States in sometimes dangerous situations must have a set of skills that is unparalleled. 

All presidential drivers are also Secret Service agents. Their training includes courses in evasive driving held at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Maryland and the Protective Services Training Course at the U.S. Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. At these sites, they learn to ram other vehicles without causing injury, drive in reverse at high speeds and perfect the 180-degree "J-turn."

The purpose of these techniques is to enable drivers to think of their vehicle as a weapon and to fight the instinct to step out of the car and engage an enemy in a gunfight. 

The skills learned at these training facilities can be applied to the civilian sector as well. In an interview with the U.S. Army's Public Affairs division, Rodney Larson, lead instructor for the Anti-terrorism Evasive Driving Course, recalled a time when his own techniques helped him avoid a life-threatening situation. "He was able to use a controlled ram to keep both himself and another driver safe when a collision in his private vehicle was unavoidable," according to an article on the course published on the Army's blog.

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