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United States Personal Chef Organization debuts new website

Networking and joining professional organizations for your industry is a great way to perfect your craft and learn more about the happenings in your particular field. Since 1992, the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) has been the prime source for both new and experienced chefs looking for support and education in order to be the best personal chefs they can be. Now, access to the organization has been made even easier with the debut of the USPCA’s revamped website.

According to the USPCA’s mission statement, “The United States Personal Chef Association represents the interests and welfare of its personal chef members by proactively communicating and supporting the value of the personal chef profession in all matters impacting the profession.”

The new website, which was launched in October, takes a modern approach to the established personal chef industry. Today, members of the USPCA can have access to numerous perks at the convenience of their own laptop or computer. Features of the new and improved site and membership include:

  • Discounts from national retailers
  • Online courses on a variety of topics, including food safety
  • Members-only networking forum

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the organization will also host its annual Personal Chef Conference in July. Even if you’re not an official member of the organization yet, the USPCA encourages those interested to browse their new and improved site to find out more information about how the association can help you.

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