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Use this mix to remove ring marks on wood

After a few years of working in the home services profession, you’ll wind up with a few tricks up your sleeve. After all, there’s only so much cleaning and mending you can do before you figure out the best way to get out a tough stain without damaging what’s underneath it. It’s common for members of this profession to swap tips like this with one another occasionally, while others will guard a really great method closely.

If you’re a member of housekeeping staff in the Los Angeles area, chances are that you’ve encountered a condensation ring on wooden furniture from time to time. Perhaps it ended up there after your principal had a party, or if someone in the house forgot to use a coaster. Particularly on antique furniture, these can be problematic, as the mark will often affect the finish and the wood underneath, causing problems for the entire piece.

Rather than letting something like a careless glass placement completely ruin an antique, it’s worth a shot to try this formula. Mixing equal parts white vinegar and olive oil may help work such water stains out of wood. Of course, you shouldn’t attempt this tactic on anything really priceless – in those cases, have your estate manager call an expert – but it can be a handy trick for keeping everyday pieces looking like new.

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