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Utah housekeeper receives generous gift

Being a housekeeper can be a rewarding career, which was recently proven in video made by Give Back Films. The film company visited Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival and surprised a hotel maid with a very generous gift. Although housekeepers are used to getting a few dollars as tips for their hard work, the Utah hotel maid was given $500 dollars for her work ethic.

According to the film, the housekeeper recently took the job because she was looking for a place to stay. Her boss mentions that she is an extremely hard worker and has been a big help to the hotel since she began. She organized the laundry closet, which was previously a mess.

The film crew fanned out $500 dollars in $20 bills across the bed, hidden under sheets. When the housekeeper went to change the sheets, she was in for an unexpected surprise, which was captured on camera!

“I cannot accept this. You have to take it back,” the woman said as the filmmakers showed up from their hiding spots in their car outside, as reported by “You deserve it,” the housekeeper’s boss said of the recipient of the $500 tip. “You do a great job.”

As you can see, a housekeeper’s work doesn’t go unnoticed. This isn’t the first time a service industry professional has been given a generous gift. Last week we reported that actor “The Rock” gifted his housekeeper with an SUV.

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