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Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

If you're a nanny, you know that keeping little ones occupied is no easy task. However, with Valentine's Day coming up there are a variety of activities and crafts that are fun for both you and the little ones you watch over. Challenge them to use their creativity and think outside of the box by following these tips:

  • Baker's dozen: Valentine's Day is synonymous with sweet treats. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create festive baked goods. After the cookies cool, the kids will get a kick out of decorating them with pink frosting and sprinkles.
  • Creative cards: While their parents are at work or running errands, have each child make his or her mom and dad a special card for Valentine's day.
  • Friendships bracelets: Everyone gets candy on Valentine's Day, but instead of getting children hyped up on sugar, why don't you have them make bracelets for their friends? Simply string a few pink and red beads together for a trendy look!
  • Valentine holder: If the little ones are old enough for school, they'll get a whole slew of Valentine cards on February 14th and are going to need a spot to hold them all. Try making a card-holder out of plates. "Have your child decorate the plates. She should decorate the backside of the half-plate and the inside (topside) of the full paper plate. Have her use paints, markers, or crayons to make her own unique design. She could also glue some old valentines to the outside as added decoration," writes Christine Dvornik of FamilyEducation.

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