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Valentine’s Day menu ideas

If you're a personal chef, Valentine's Day is a busy holiday for you. Whether you'll be working on February 14 or plan on spending the evening with your sweetheart now is the time to exude your culinary flair and creativity. Chances are your clients will be asking for romantic meals. If you're playing cupid this week, take a look at some foods that are known for being aphrodisiacs.

  • Chocolate: Valentine's Day and chocolate go hand in hand. However, don't simply adhere to your standard sweets. Add a sexy touch by adding rich, dark chocolate to your desserts. The darker the cocoa, the more pure it is. Not only is dark chocolate delicious, it's also a healthy super food.
  • Figs: Did you know that figs were Cleopatra's favorite fruit? Throughout history figs have been associated with love, and they also taste great! Try pairing figs and goat cheese for a match made in heaven.
  • Oysters: Oysters are known for being aphrodisiacs. Why, you ask? This seafood boasts high levels of zinc, which in turn increases the production of  testosterone – a hormone that increases sexual drive.
  • Raw food: "Raw food is ideal for Valentine's Day because it doesn't weigh you down and leave you feeling sleepy or sluggish," Pure Food and Wine founder Sarma Melngailis tells New York Daily News. "It's colorful, fresh and healthy, and healthy is sexy."

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