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Want better health? Hire a personal chef

If you're tired of worrying about low-quality meals, it might be time for you to hire a personal chef. Getting someone to make great meals for you comes with some great advantages right off the bat: you'll save time and have someone with years of experience on hand to help you. However, there are also more gradual benefits, like the long-term health improvements of having a professional help you eat.

A 2015 BBC article looked at the case of one man, Steve Harris, who turned to an outside chef to help him not just make meals, but prepare them and keep his kitchen stocked. By working with his new helper, Harris was able to buy more kitchen implements and eat nutritious foods, eventually losing around 10 pounds, he claimed, as a result. He also got an added bonus: extra food to have for leftovers the next day.

You might not know at first just how much a personal chef can help you reach your weight loss goals. In addition to making good food choices, a chef may also help you live healthier by sticking to a regular schedule. A study cited in a New York Magazine article said that skipping breakfast is an unhealthy habit that could lead to obesity. With someone at home making food for you regularly, you could be a lot more likely to eat consistently, helping fill in the gaps in your previous meal schedules.

You'll have better luck hiring a professional chef when you contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can also help you find chauffeurs, nannies and other important household employees. For more information on the staff that might be able to help you, reach out to us today! Your own private chef can run on your time and know your preferences.

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