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What a home chef has over food delivery services

Right now, custom home-ordered services are a hot commodity, and the world of food is no exception. Some services allow subscribers to order a set amount of ingredients and prepare seemingly gourmet meals themselves using recipe cards and other prepared tools. While this could seem appealing, it's not a substitute for the presence of a live, private chef, since there are all sorts of things a dedicated professional will bring to the table (perhaps literally!).

Observer Media recently featured an article looking at several similar online food delivery services, such as Blue Apron and Plated. Though each of them had some good points, the site also listed several negatives for each company.

One service featured confusing recipe cards, inaccurate preparation times and too much packaging. Another mixed ingredients in the box, making it difficult to identify which items went with which meal.

More than one of the services provided too much food, and one featured the wrong items entirely. Finally, there's the issue of price: Although these companies may save some time, it might not be worth the cost per shipment, especially if the meal turns out to fall short of your expectations.

Compare this with the attention to detail that comes when you hire a personal chef. Well-trained staff will make sure you get healthy food made to your specifications, and can be more flexible than a preorder service.

What's more, you can start a good relationship with this person and use them for both day-to-day needs and major events and parties. Perhaps best of all, a chef can save you more time, while the delivery services might only really save you the time it takes to shop for food and find recipes.

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