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What does your nanny really think of you?

When you let someone inside of your home and trust them to care for your children they see you on your very worst days. Let's face it: Being a mom isn't always easy, but it's certainly rewarding. If you're wondering what your nanny really thinks of you, strop fretting!

A mommy blogger for Babble recently sat down with her friend who has been a nanny for nearly a decade in order to get insight on the business. Here's what your nanny really thinks:

  • You're a great mom: Plain and simple, nannies know that although you may not be perfect (no one is), you are still an excellent mother. Give yourself more credit!
  • You're doing a good job: "Ultimately, you know what is best for your baby, even though your total lack of sleep and hormones may try to tell you otherwise, you're doing it right,"  writes the blogger. "A good nanny is not there to judge your every move, but to support and encourage you. Just as you want the best for your baby, we want the best for him/her too."
  • You're sane: You may believe that your nanny thinks you're crazy, but this is simply untrue. Sure you may have put on two different color socks today because you're sleep-deprived, but that doesn't make you insane. Nannies know that being a mother is a fulltime responsibility and many new mommies are running on very little sleep. Our job is to help you relax, so stop stressing so much!

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