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What drives your younger workers to excel?

Millennials are currently part of one of the younger generations. But have been in the domestic service industry for years, honing their skills and developing a solid resume that includes working in top homes and with high-profile professionals.

If you have millennials workers, it's important to understand what they want in their position and what will help them excel. This will help you ensure motivation and productivity stay high.

A Gallup report, "How Millennials Want to Work and Live," noted that 60 percent desire positions that provide them with the opportunity to grow.

While the opportunity for growth in the domestic field may be a bit more limited than the corporate world where people jump from one position and department to another, that doesn't mean this growth doesn't exist.

"Millennials care deeply about their development when looking for jobs and – naturally – in their current roles," noted Amy Adkins and J. Rigoni of Gallup.

To help them grow, we suggest the following:

Offer them more responsibility
As they become more comfortable in their roles, offer these workers more and more responsibility. If you have a large staff of domestic workers, you might even promote an employee to estate manager who supervises operations.

Give them consistent and constant feedback
Employees love to receive feedback, so it's critical that you provide the right amount on a consistent basis. Meet with your employees at least once a month and talk about their strengths and how they can improve. Then give them the floor to open up about how they're feeling. Discuss their goals and what they'd like to see changed. This is a great opportunity to set expectations.

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