What is a day like for a personal assistant?

What is the first thing you think about when someone says the word "personal assistant?" Often we think of an employee slaving away at some desk in the far shadowy corner of an office. There are no windows and, therefore, no sunlight. And they certainly have few — if any — interactions with fellow employees.

While this is how we imagine personal assistants, their lives are anything but this! Assistants' jobs vary from one employer, in our case families, to another. Some employers are constantly on the road, so their assistants work remotely to deliver projects to colleagues and clients. On the other hand, some assistants arrive at the office bright and early to meet with their bosses.

The jobs of personal assistants also vary. Some assistants are asked to mainly run errands for busy executives, such as grocery shopping and arranging family vacations. This takes a lot of weight off executives' shoulders because they can then focus solely on their jobs.

Other personal assistants are tasked with managerial duties, including developing and giving presentations. They may also be required to prepare reports and talk one-on-one with clients. This helps executives because they can then concentrate on other aspects of their business.

While the lives of personal assistants are different each day, great assistants have similar qualities. These employees are attentive, detail-oriented and have great work ethics. They also go beyond their normal job functions and look for ways to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

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