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What it takes to be named “Chauffeur of the Year”

Are you looking to perfect your personal chauffeur skills? You may want to take some pointers from Richard Stockwell, a Massachusetts-based driver who was named the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association's Limousine and Sedan Chauffeur of the Year.

Stockwell, a Veteran and former state trooper, has worked as a chauffeur for the past 18 months driving stretch limousines and luxury town cars. After retiring briefly, 70-year-old Stockwell became bored and wanted to find a job that would allow him to socialize.

"I truly enjoy providing a service that makes passengers feel like I am just an old friend giving them a ride," Stockwell told the Berkshire Eagle. "The best part is meeting all kinds of different people. It is up to me to make sure the transportation side goes right."

His current position has allowed him to meet a variety of clients, ranging from high-profile bankers in New York City to celebrities to newlyweds needing a ride back home from their honeymoons. So what makes Stockwell successful chauffeur? He remembers certain things about clients—what paper they read in the morning, whether they like to socialize on the ride, etc. He makes sure he has a Wall Street Journal ready for anyone who is a fan of the publication. Additionally, he always asks if his clients need to stop somewhere or run an errand on the way to their destination.

With a positive attitude, it is clear to see that Stockwell truly has a passion for his job. Are you a personal chauffeur? Register with Colonial Domestic Agency to continue with your rewarding career path. 

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