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What kind of job interview body language works best?

Body language isn’t always conscious, but it can make an important impact on your interviewer or potential client. For applicants, the way you position yourself could send a message about your personality and how seriously you take the job.

Cheat Sheet chronicled some of the negative consequences of bad body language. Weak handshakes and fidgety mannerisms can set the wrong tone during your first contact with a potential employer. Even if it the person interviewing you doesn’t make the connection between posture and job performance, they could at the very least assume you aren’t aware enough to come prepared.

Good body language, on the other hand, can send the opposite message: that you’re calm, specific and honest. It’s tricky to make all the right choices and still seem like you aren’t thinking about them at all. Be open and confident for a conversation that builds off of your strengths instead of your nervousness. While uncertainty in an interview is normal, you can’t let it control the whole interaction.

Most of all, be aware of your surroundings, since each interview could be different. Are you sitting in an office? Walking and talking? Getting a bite to eat? Though your basic approach can be the same, the exact details may have to shift to make the best impression.

Domestic services staff should be as aware of the best interview techniques as any other applicants. However, Colonial Domestic Agency can make it easier to find specific job opportunities based on employee specialties.

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