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What makes a great chauffeur?

Busy people can relax knowing that someone else is behind the wheel when it's time to get going. Those who don't do their own driving may not know what it takes to be a great chauffeur, but when they have one, it can completely transform the way they get around. In a recent Globe and Mail article from Toronto, Andi McCann, a driver in Cape Town, South Africa, described some of the elements of being a professional chauffeur.

As you might expect, being able to drive well is crucial to the job: McCann cites "accurate and sharp" driving and precise parking as part of what makes the chauffeur great. Ideally, the person at the head of the car should maintain a proper posture, too, to avoid using more of their large leg muscles than they have to.

There are other aspects to be wary of, though. McCann said that the driver needs to wear shoes with leather soles. This isn't for fashion sense, but so the driver can feel the pedal under their feet and be more responsive as they work both the gas and brakes.

A final important element is the right licensure. The process of getting a license could vary from state to state, and regulations could also vary within a single state. For California, reports that drivers don't need a special license if their vehicle fits fewer than 10 people. Testing and driving reports might also be required to obtain the necessary documentation.

You can use a professional agency to find the right staff for your chauffeur jobs. With a driver on your side, you'll be able to see the difference immediately as they bring the right training and certification for the job.

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