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What nannies can teach new moms

Many nannies boast years of experience in the childcare industry and often care for children from infancy until young adulthood. Since they are so experienced in their craft, not only can nannies watch over your little ones, they can guide you during this exciting but at times nerve-wracking adventure.

"As a seasoned nanny and newborn care specialist, I am often in the homes of families with newborns to not only care for the infant, but to also support the new parents who are embarking on the totally overwhelming journey of raising a child," writes experienced nanny Sheri Lopez in a blog for Nanny Magazine.

Take a look at some of Lopez's tips to make motherhood easier:

  • Ask for help: Although most new moms like to think that they're superwomen, you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask for a helping hand. Hiring a nanny can make your days and nights a lot less stressful.
  • Enjoy every moment: Sometimes mothers get so consumed with being the best parent they can be that they overlook essential moments in a baby's life. Try keeping a journal, equipped with adorable pictures, so that you have these memories forever.
  • Learn CPR: Lopez urges all new parents to learn CPR and first aid practices in case an accident arises. Learning these important skills can give you peace of mind.
  • Listen to your instincts: Women's intuition is not just a myth! Always listen to your gut in terms of parenting. 

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