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What qualities should you look for in a domestic worker?

Consulting with a domestic staffing agency can be a fantastic idea and a huge help around the house at nearly any time of the year. Professionals can come in and take a lot of responsibilities and headaches from you, while transforming your home into a pristine haven, cooking delectable meals and keeping your children happy and healthy. 

That being said, before you're able to live in these comfortable, stress-free and cozy surroundings, you've got to first choose the domestic workers who are going to make your house a happy home. It's important to pick people who you mesh well with and who are dedicated to making your life a little easier. While all professionals at Colonial Domestic Agency have stellar resumes and come highly trained and recommended, here are a few characteristics you should be on the lookout for:

1. Dependable
It should come as a no-brainer that you want to hire personal assistants, nannies, chauffeurs and other professionals who you can trust to be there when you need them and complete their responsibilities as outlined beforehand. This rings especially true around the holiday season – you've got to hire people who, even if they have families and holiday plans themselves, will fulfill the tasks you've pre-arranged for them. This is a great reason to consult with an agency, rather than finding help yourself – Colonial Domestic Agency has already vetted resumes and checked up on references to ensure the highest quality. 

2. Hardworking
Related to being dependable, you have to make sure your personal chef, housekeeper or assistant is dedicated and hardworking. Whether you need your home cleaned and in tip-top shape or you require help planning this season's best holiday party, you need someone as invested as you are and someone up-to-the-task of being your right-hand man or woman. 

3. Trustworthy
Perhaps above all else, in terms of importance, hiring someone who is trustworthy is crucial. After all, you're going to invite this person into your home and potentially trust them to take care of your children and/or feed your friends and family. This not only shows the significance of finding professional help through a credible agency, but it means that you should also speak with the potential employees beforehand, if possible. 

4. Agreeability
Another reason you should meet with your domestic employees before they start working for you is to see if they mesh well with your family. Since these people are going to be helping around your house when you need them the most, it's important that you get along, that you're both on the same page and that all parties are pleased with the situation. After all, as Yellow Pages pointed out, it's important to be fair with all arrangements, as domestic helpers are your employees. This is the best way to not only be content with your relationship, but also to ensure that you're well on your way to having a pristine house and event.

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