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What Queen Elizabeth II wants from a new housekeeper

Housekeepers can often pride themselves on treating their clients like royalty. But what if you really are working for royalty? What standards do you actually have to live up to? NBC News recently reported on a job posting from The Royal Household itself. The official title for the role is “housekeeping assistant” and members would work within the Master of the Household’s Office at the famous Buckingham Palace.

For those who have never worked for royalty, this post provides an interesting look into what a live-in housekeeper professional at that level would be expected to do. Though this is a lower-level position that doesn’t require experience, the notice mentions the “historic vases and irreplaceable paintings” applicants will be expected to take care of and clean.

While the specific tasks may be similar to other homes, the setting can be daunting. The post repeatedly stresses the historic nature of the palace and the need for high standards to keep up the royal reputation. Since the assistant would live at the location, they would also be expected to keep open hours “any five days” of an entire week. Meals and a pension come with the position.

What this should show experienced domestic staff is the universal necessity of choosing high-quality employees. When your employer has an important image to uphold, they need someone they can trust around property with a clearly visible legacy. In this kind of relationship, the staff member will also come away with great experience and techniques to add to their repertoire.

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