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What Should I Wear to My Interview?

There are different expectations for domestic positions: A personal assistant wouldn’t be expected to prepare dinner or manage a wine cellar, while a personal chef wouldn’t be responsible for maintaining a date book or preparing clothing for the following day. It only holds that these individuals should wear different outfits when interviewing. Read on for the best interview dress tips for each domestic staff role below.

Personal Chef
As a chef, you should look understated. You can leave your necklaces or jewelry at home, as both can easily get caught or lost when preparing a dish. In addition, individuals should remove any nail polish or acrylic nails before speaking with a potential employer. Why? Many health codes suggest that nail polish or acrylics can chip off into a dish and potentially make someone ill. In addition, hair should be pulled back away from the face, with little or no makeup applied to the face. When it comes to outfits and footwear, comfort is key. Chefs are on their feet all day – especially during events when they must execute several dishes – so footwear that provides support is a must. In addition, wearing shirts that are clean, well-fitted and easy to move in signals to employers that you are a professional.

Personal Assistant
PA’s have a different set of rules when it comes to dressing for an interview. We have previously highlighted tips for what to wear as an executive assistant interview. Business dress is the name of the game. There is also more opportunity to express personal style through accessories. If you’re unsure of a potential employer’s preferences, stick with darker, neutral colors such as black, navy, gray and brown.

According to Lady Magazine, the standard for women working as butlers is still a skirt, despite the very real needs of easily being able to lift heavy items. In addition, one of the female butlers interviewed by the magazine noted that she became very good at disappearing in her role. As a result, her clothing should reflect that. Dark suits – and tights – can show employers that you are well equipped to blend into any environment.

If you’re unsure about what to wear, don’t be afraid to ask! Our professionals will be able to guide you to put your best foot forward and walk confidently into an interview. To learn more, reach out to Colonial Domestic Agency today.

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