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What to do when your nanny calls out sick

Although your nanny may seem like a superwoman, no one is immune to the common cold. With flu season in full swing, your nanny may call out sick this winter, leaving you in a panic. What happens when you have a big presentation at work the same day your child's babysitter calls out? Don't fret and take a look at some of these helpful tips.

  • Arrange a play date: Aside from allowing your child to socialize with children his or her own age, last-minute play dates allow a responsible adult to watch over your little one. Promise the parents that you'll host the next play date at your house so that they can enjoy a date night. 
  • Contact your child's school: Many schools have early morning and afternoon programs for children whose parents work. Chances are, your child's school will be willing to incorporate your student into this program when needed.
  • Create a list of back-up caretakers: "Can one or two of your favorite date-night sitters fill in the gaps?" Katie Herrick Bugbee, senior managing editor and global parenting expert at told Long Island Newsweek. "Start texting or calling them to see who is available — and for how long. Even if someone can give you five hours of office time, it might help you get through an important meeting or presentation."

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