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Why domestic workers should work with an agency


Personal chefs, nannies and butlers may not know why they need to work with an agency like Colonial Domestic. However, they may be overlooking benefits of joining an agency instead of trying to find work on their own.

Get placed faster
As any working individual knows, it’s difficult to explain long gaps in his or her resume. In addition, it’s easy to become discouraged if one is on the job hunt for too long. Many domestic workers find jobs based on word of mouth – but that can make it more difficult for them to find a job quickly. An agency receives requests for services every day, increasing the chances that they will find an employer that is the perfect fit for a candidate.

Tap into top resources
It can be difficult for a nanny to express concerns directly to parents. In addition, when representing themselves, “domestic workers are vulnerable to unfair treatment,” said Illana Berger, director of Hand to Hand, to Lifehacker.

However, when working with an agency, it gives domestic workers – especially nannies and au pairs – the ability to advocate for what they need. In addition, an agency can ensure that these individuals receive sick days, vacation and overtime. How? By checking in with their workers.

“Ongoing proactive communication is really beneficial for everyone involved,” Berger noted.

Find the “perfect fit”
Domestic staffing agencies verify references for individuals who work with them – and apply that knowledge to finding the perfect household for them. Much like a headhunter in the corporate world, agencies know how to highlight their clients’ strengths to help them get to the next step – a stellar interview – and ultimately, to help them land a job!

Avoid unnecessary costs
Individuals interested in becoming nannies, butlers or private chefs do not have to pay any fees to work with an agency. If an agency suggests that applicants need to pay a fee, individuals should apply elsewhere, Superpages noted. Employers must pay to secure the best talent available. As a result, working with an agency offers a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for domestic workers. Why wouldn’t you want to work with an agency that has access to elite clientele?

To learn more, reach out to Colonial Domestic Agency to see how we can help you find your next assignment.

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