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Why it pays to vet live-in nurses

When are live-in nurses the better choice? While it might be obvious when a person needs immediate, home-based care, sometimes you’ll need to weigh all of the options before deciding. Looking closely at each agency and the programs they offer can help you find the greatest benefits. The important thing is that you work with an agency for a smoother placement process.

Without professional assistance, clients may have to do a lot of placement-related tasks themselves, including finding and screening possible candidates. A guide from MetLife and the National Alliance for Caregiving encourages those seeking outside help to conduct a thorough background check, while also setting up reasonable expectations among candidates. If they don’t live with you, the caregiver may also need reliable transportation and a plan for getting to and from your home.

Regardless, the source suggests that those hiring should review specific care needs, as well as important local resources. The nurse should know how to contact doctors or other specialists who they might need should an emergency arise. Whether or not they live with you, this person should be ready to act in an emergency, such as a fire or a sudden loss of power.

Above all, letting someone else do the screening reduces the chance of something going awry. A professional provider will make it easier to get reliable information while ensuring nothing gets lost in the process. With so many candidates to consider, homeowners may need the means to track all of the different information they have to remember about each person.

Colonial Domestic Agency is a trusted industry member that provides skilled candidates for every at-home job. Our clients don’t have to worry about whether or not a caregiver will be professional enough and can more quickly find the help they need.

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