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Why it’s a good time to become a butler

The butler, or estate manager, industry is booming currently, with more job openings today than during the '80s and '90s combined. With more people seeking out talented individuals to run their households, it's time to consider a lucrative career in estate manager jobs in Los Angeles.

According to GQ, butlers may not have an easy life but with the industry booming currently it is easier to find jobs in this market, especially in China and America. Buttling is a strenuous career, however, and shouldn't be entered lightly.

One estate manager, whose latest job is in LA running a 36,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion, told the news source that the hours and travel can be the most stressful part.

Not everyone is cut out to be a butler , though, because it's a demanding career that can be stressful and there may be demands that seem foolish or ungrateful that a butler is forced to accept with dignity. Bentley noted that one position had him being raised from bed to turn off lights that were a mere three-feet away from his employer – but these are extreme cases.

"That's when you have to be thick-skinned," Bentley noted.

The source reported that former soldiers often make the best estate managers. They are used to taking verbal, mental and sometimes physical abuse, are "programmed" to take orders and are able to keep secrets. But that doesn't mean soldiers are the only one's cut out to be estate managers – and the problems that require these particular talents aren't that common. A good butler needs to be able to anticipate his employer's needs, act with discretion and handle the long hours and demands of a busy household. Not to mention roll with the surprises of working with a family.

There are many perks that come with buttling as well. Estate managers get to live in mansions, travel the world, wear expensive, designer clothing and meet some of the world's elite.

According to the source, the popularity of "Downton Abbey" is in part to blame for the trend, and the biggest market for butlers is actually in China. The show's popularity there has driven a significant rise in appreciation of Western culture among the country's wealthy, which includes hiring western-born butlers.

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