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Why nannies make your vacation more relaxing

Are you planning on taking a family vacation this spring or summer? Why don't you bring your nanny along with you to make this trip more relaxing for all members of your family?

A new trend in childcare is to bring your nanny on board to take care of your kids when you and your spouse need alone time. In fact, many hotels are now offering on-site nannies for this particular reason.

"Most parents don't leave their children in the care of nannies for the entire trip," Lissa Poirto, editor-in-chief of tells ABC News. "With a nanny, they] have the comfort of knowing someone is there to help when they want to enjoy some personal time, romantic time, or something that little ones just cannot do." 

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic kid-free dinner with your husband, are heading to the spa for some alone time or would like to indulge in an adult beverage, having a nanny around to watch your little ones is very convenient. Your nanny can take the kids to the beach or to the aquarium while you're out and about. 

However, hotels that offer these nanny services can come with additional high fees. Not to mention, it's also difficult for nannies and children to bond in only a week, and chemistry between children and caretakers is essential. A simple solution to these problems is to hire a full-time nanny. Not only will your nanny be there to watch over your offspring when you're at work, they can also join you and your family on vacation to make these getaways more enjoyable.

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