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Why nannies should go through a domestic staffing agency

Getting a nanny job in LA may seem easy, but there are many challenges that can get in the way of finding a dream job. For those looking to enter this profession, going through a domestic staffing agency can save time and prevent headaches along the way.

The Internet has opened up job seeking to a whole new market, but going it alone as a nanny looking for work can be dangerous and foolhardy. Anyone can post an ad online, but a staffing agency will vet families and help pair you with like-minded employers who you'll get along with and share values in common with. This not only provides increased job security but reduces the risk of clashing with your new charge's parents on a basic level.

Below are a few more reasons why you should always look for work through a Los Angeles nanny agency:

Background checks – A staffing agency will do a background check on you, which provides parents peace of mind, but will also look into a potential client's lives to ensure they aren't a potential risk either.

Personality tests – An agency will help pair you with a family that's looking for specific skills, such as a vegetarian cooking background or fluency in another language, rather than a blanket nannying job. This helps to pair you with a like-minded family who will better appreciate your talents and value you.

Peace of mind – Going through a staffing agency ensures you the peace of mind that you're being hired in a legitimate fashion as well. Legal employment and all of the accompanying benefits is a major advantage, as opposed to answering an ad on Craigslist.

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