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Why stay-at-home moms want to hire nannies too

When you're a busy working mom, hiring a nanny to watch over your kids is a no-brainer. However, nowadays even mothers who don't have to go back to work after child birth are hiring nannies to look over their children. Many new moms have false expectations about raising children, thinking this duty will be all fun and games. But then new parents quickly realize that looking after little ones can also be quite stressful.

"While it's true that I'm hoping getting a nanny will help kick-start my writing career after maternity leave, the plain truth is that I'm getting a nanny because I just don't want to look after a baby all day anymore," writes mother and writer Esther Walker in a exposé for The Daily Mail, a U.K. publication. "Of course I love my children dearly. But my experience of full-time childcare has been awful: long, lonely days scrabbling around thinking up new ways to pass the time."

Walker admits that raising her two young children while her husband was at work often made her feel isolated. Ever since she hired a nanny, she has more free time to enjoy the things she likes, such as shopping and writing. Additionally, having someone to watch over her little ones allows Walker to take care of other household chores, such as cooking dinner and cleaning up clutter.

Overall, hiring a nanny has made Walker a lot happier. Knowing that she has mornings free while her nanny is with the kids, the mother-of-two now looks forward to relaxing and enjoying the evening with her husband and children. 

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