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3 benefits nannies can bring to vacationing families

A later-winter/early-spring vacation may sound very appealing right now, with the winter weather the United States has been experiencing. If you're thinking about escaping to a warm, tropical island with your family, however, there are many factors to consider, namely how to entertain your children. Kids can become very energetic on any trip, and when you travel overseas, this can present a risk, particularly if you travel somewhere where the native language isn't English. As such, more families are bringing their nanny on vacation with them.

"Most parents don't leave their children in the care of nannies for the entire trip," Lissa Poirto, editor-in-chief of Family Vacation Critic, told ABC News. "With a nanny, they have the comfort of knowing someone is there to help when they want to enjoy some personal time, romantic time, or something that little ones just cannot do."

While some resorts offer daycare services, oftentimes this is more expensive than paying the way for your own nanny to accompany you. Plus, the vacation is an amazing bonus.

Below are a few benefits that bringing your nanny along on a vacation provides:

Free time – Having the nanny watch the kids, and even booking separate rooms , will provide extra free time for you to enjoy some one-on-one time with your spouse.

Romantic dinners – With the nanny around, you can book a romantic dinner and other grown-up events with your spouse, and schedule time to spend with the kids and no one is left out.

Safety – Having a  nanny around provides an extra pair of eyes to watch your children in an unfamiliar place and culture. This helps boost safety and minimize the risk of accidents while you're traveling.

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