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Discover Unparalleled Family Office Staffing Excellence with Colonial Agency

Are you a high-net-worth individual or private office manager seeking employees and team members who embody trustworthiness, discretion, and efficiency? Colonial Agency understands the intricacies of staffing for elite family offices like yours. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to integrate seamlessly into the prestigious tapestry of your personal and business needs.

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At Colonial Agency, we pride ourselves on:

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Contact Us Today to begin crafting your dedicated team. We are here to guide you each step of the way. For excellence in every aspect of your family office, rely on the expertise of the Colonial Agency, where elegance meets expertise.

How It Works?

  • Consultation: Share your staffing needs and preferences with our team.
  • Candidate Selection: We present a curated list of candidates best suited for your family office.
  • Hire with Confidence: Choose the ideal staff members to complement your office and start adding value to your operations from day one.
Hire a Family Office Staff with Colonial Agency

Discover why Colonial Agency is the ultimate choice for all your private office placement needs!

With years of experience in the industry, Colonial Agency has a proven track record of successfully placing qualified professionals in private offices throughout the country. What sets them apart is their dedication to getting to know their clients and their individual needs.

We understand the need for confidentiality and precision in serving esteemed clientele such as yourself. Our expertise lies in personally curating recruitment services for the sophisticated demands of exclusive private family offices. With a legacy of trusted partnerships with affluent individuals and household names, we deliver bespoke recruitment solutions that comprehend the unique requirements of your world.

Explore the bespoke positions we specialize in placing:

  • Domestic Personnel – For the smooth operation of your household affairs.
  • Estate Management Experts – To oversee your property with a vigilant eye and strategic mindset.
  • Culinary Artisans (Executive Chefs & Sous Chefs) – To cater to your gourmet preferences and fine dining experiences.
  • Dedicated Family Office Team – Comprising professionals from Family Office Directors to skilled Investment Analysts.
  • Legal Advisors (General Counsel) – Offering sage advice protecting your personal and professional interests.
  • Household Supervisors (House Managers) – Ensuring your domestic life runs like clockwork.
  • Executive Assistants – Managing your day-to-day priorities with unmatched proficiency.
  • Private Service Connoisseurs – Tailoring luxury experiences that resonate with your high standards.
  • Wealth Management Experts – Securing your financial legacy and nurturing your capital growth.


Our team is committed to matching your private family office with individuals who excel in their professional roles and understand the subtleties of serving with discretion and finesse. Engage with our specialized recruitment to elevate your lifestyle with the perfect support team.