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3 characteristics of a great staffing firm

There are many different types of staffing firms, but what separates the best from the rest is how they operate. Whether you're a client or an employee, you should enjoy your experience with a firm. Here are some characteristics of great staffing firms:

1. They improve their technology

The way a staffing firm sourced, collaborated with and hired workers 20 years ago should not be the way they do it today. The same can be said with how a firm works with its clients. Staffing firms should constantly look for new job boards and ways to source workers through latest technologies.  According to Capterra, 94 percent of recruiters use social media to source candidates. Yet, what about the other 6 percent who don't? Every staffing firm should encourage recruiters to use the latest social-media tools to find candidates.

2. They are assessable and reliable

Are you a worker and hear the agency's voice mail more than the voice of one of their recruiters? Are you a client who has an emergency and you're unable to get through to the agency's main line during regular business hours? A great firm will have solid communications. Whether it's by phone, email, social media or instant message, an agency should have numerous ways for its clients and workers to contact it.

3. They only recruit high quality leads

A staffing agency who takes on any type of worker will struggle to make clients happy. An agency must be willing to work hard to obtain only qualified leads. Doing so will ensure they place the most effective, practiced and qualified workers as possible.

As a worker, any agency who touts their goal to place the best in the business is the type of agency you should work for. The agency's mission to set high standards early will provide a worker and client with a sense of security and relief prior to engaging in an interview.

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