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3 great afterschool activities for kids

September marks the beginning of school for most children, and nannies jobs become a little easier in many cases. However, just because children are in school for seven to eight hours doesn't mean they need any less attention afterward, and nannies often have their work cut out for them helping kids wind down after school. The period between school but before their parents get home is often a critical time, and it helps for nannies to make sure the children have an outlet for any pent up energy or excitement.

Below are a new tips for great activities nannies in LA can engage their young charges in after school:

  • Do homework – Homework is still an essential part of school, and many parents will prefer that their children get it done before they return home at the end of the day. Helping students with tricky subjects and ensuring they complete their homework will often be a primary afterschool task for nannies.
  • Play outside – Before the weather gets too cold, children will often want to spend some time outside after they've spent the day in a classroom. Going to a park or some other outdoor activity is a great way to release some steam and help them wind down before their parents get home from work.
  • Play games – If it's raining or you don't want to take the children out for some other reason, nannies can play board, card or made-up games with their charges to keep them entertained and occupied for several hours. Games can also be a great way to further learning outside of the classroom.

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