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3 great fall activities for nannies

As autumn approaches, nannies will need some great activities to engage their charges that incorporate the season. While Los Angeles's sunny weather tends to discourage some of the season's traits more commonly associated with New England, such as the leaves turning color, there are still plenty of fun things for nannies to do with their children that involve the shift out of summer.

Three of these activities are:

Baking – Fall heralds the beginning of the baking holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays all traditionally include sweets, cookies, pies and other baked treats. Planning a baking day with a child can teach them something about cooking, keep them occupied for hours and give them a present to give to their parents.

Costumes – As Halloween approaches, children are going to be getting excited about dressing up. Exploring costume ideas or even making a few simple ones can be a great way to spend the afternoon while giving them new ideas of what to dress up as in October.

Visiting the parks – There are plenty of public parks in LA, and it's a short drive to Angeles National Forest or the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, allowing nannies in LA to take their charges out into the woods to see some of fall's effect on nature. From changing leaves to the evolving habits of animals as they prepare for winter, there will be plenty to see out in the woods.

Nannies always need new things to keep the children they care for entertained. In addition to job placement services, Colonial Domestic Agency offers some more helpful tips for nannies on its blog.

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