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3 professionals to hire to make the NFL season more enjoyable

Do you always feel like you're missing the big moments on NFL game day because you're working around the house? Hire a professional to help you out. Here are three domestic staffing workers who can help make your Sundays a little more fun:

1. Personal Chef

Most people just go with chips and dips on football Sunday. Maybe they'll even throw in some guacamole sauce and wings.

But how does Pulled Pork Sandwich or Sweet-Hot Baby Back Ribs sound? If you want your Sundays to be a little spicier you could even try Super Quick Chili, which are round dinner rolls that have a hollowed out center with chili.

A personal chef can make any of these for you as you sit back with your friends and family and watch your team get the big win.

2. Personal Assistants

Saturdays are family day and Sundays are usually the time you catch up on some work or prepare for the Monday grind. This isn't a problem from early February until late August during the NFL's offseason. But once the beginning of September rolls around, you find yourself stressing to manage work emails and watch football at the same time.

A personal assistant can take care all of this for you and run errands if needed.

3. Nannies

A nanny can watch your children while you watch the big game. It's important as a parent to have some time for yourself. A nanny can help them with their homework, make their lunch and dinner and even iron their clothes for you.

If you're looking to hire domestic staffing, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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