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3 qualities to look for in a great butler

Although the traditional image of a butler may be hard to shake, a 21st century butler does more than don a tuxedo and white gloves. Modern-day butlers wear many hats. They are personal assistants, greeters, event planners, etiquette experts and household leaders. The International Butler Academy aptly describes the profession as a "Swiss-Army-knife, all-purpose household manager." 

Elisa dal Bosco, president of the Italian Butler's Association, similarly praises butlers for their versatility, hard work and dedication to the families they are employed by. She lists several of the top qualities a butler should have: "Number one: patience! Number two: to have an overall vision and a strong sense of the organisation. Then propriety, fairness, being able to work in a team." Let's break down some of these attributes:

  • Patience: No two households are the same, so in the beginning, even an experienced butler will need time to adjust to his or her new environment. Similarly, every day brings a unique set of challenges, from unusual errand requests to welcoming esteemed guests to the home, so patience is key.
  • Organization and propriety: Modern-day butlers sometimes serve as a sort of personal assistant. They organize hotel and travel plans, and the details of black-tie events. Politeness and decorum are also necessary as they are the first face a guest will see upon arriving at a formal event at the home.
  • Teamwork: Butlers often serve as the manager of the rest of the household's domestic housekeepers and staff, so they obviously must be able to work in a team and possess leadership qualities to keep the house running smoothly.

Because butlers shoulder so much responsibility and are the cornerstone to a well-run household, it is important that you hire the perfect candidate. If you're looking to hire a butler in the Los Angeles area through a domestic staffing agency, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today.

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