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3 reasons to become a nanny

Becoming a live-in nanny or a part-time caretaker can provide some significant perks, both in a personal and emotional level. Nannies who truly care about children can find fulfilling relationships with their young charges and their families, but there are many other advantages to becoming a private nanny in Los Angeles as well.

According to Nanny Magazine, nannies are the best childcare option because they provide one-on-one attention, promote socialization among children and consistency in the care being given to a child. For the nanny's end of the relationship however, the benefits aren't always as clear cut. The news source also noted some major advantages to becoming a nanny, which can be taken to heart.

1. Feeding your inner child
Interacting with children on a daily basis brings its own brand of joy to one's life, one which many people can benefit from as well. Rather spending time stuck in an office or in a "regular 9 to 5 job," nannies get to play, read, go on trips to parks and zoos and engage young minds in creative and imaginative ways, stretching the boundaries of what it means to "work."

2. No more drama
The drama of a 5-year old is very different from that of a typical office environment and those looking to escape the latter can find refuge in the former. A scraped knee, tummy ache or temper tantrum is quickly forgotten and fun can be resumed within minutes, while office drama can linger for days, weeks or even months.

3. Shaping a young life
The most beneficial aspect of being a nanny, however, is having an influence on a young mind and helping to shape the future of the nation. Nannies enter into unique relationships with children and their parents that can help promote a brighter, healthier child, and being part of that relationship is its own reward.

There are many more benefits to becoming a nanny, and anyone looking to learn more about them should register with Colonial Domestic Agency to find the right family for them.

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