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3 reasons you should host a neighborhood BBQ this summer

You've attended countless BBQs, but have you ever thought about hosting your own? Hosting a neighborhood BBQ or block party could be a great way to kick off what is sure to be an exciting summer. While planning one may seem daunting, the reward of hosting a successful BBQ will be worth some of the initial stress. Here are some reasons you should host a BBQ.

1. Builds the Community

America is trending away from block parties without even realizing it. According to a study by Associate Professor Kevin M. Leyden at West Virginia University, "American communities have become increasingly car oriented and less walkable." This has contributed to the disintegration of communities. The study also concludes people who live in mixed-use neighborhoods (i.e., neighborhoods that contain a market, church, restaurant, to name a few) are more likely to trust each other and be involved socially.

If you don't live in this neighborhood, don't despair. If anything, help reverse the trend. Show your neighbors that block parties are still about the people involved.

2. Networking

A neighborhood BBQ will give you and your  neighbor more to talk about than why the mailman is always late to deliver your mail on Fridays. It will also provide you with more perspective. For example, have you always wanted to learn how to cook, but never knew where to start? Maybe your next door neighbor has their own cooking blog and they'd be happy to teach you.

3. Child Development

A block party can help a child develop into a well educated, respected and balanced individual. According to the National Wildlife Federation, "childhood obesity rates have more than doubled the last 20 years." The Federation believes kids are overweight, stressed and tuned out because they are not enjoying the outdoors. Hosting a neighborhood BBQ can help persuade kids to unplug from video game consoles and play football, Halo or G.I. Joe outdoors.

If you're interested in hosting a BBQ, why not hire a professional chef? They can help mitigate your stress of having to cook so you can focus on party logistics. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency to find one!

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