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3 tips for keeping children active

With nearly one in three children considered to be obese, many experts are worried about child health. Advocating more physical activity and less time sitting in front of a computer or television, it may fall on a nanny’s shoulders to engage children in physical activities that are both fun and strenuous in order to get more healthy fitness in a child’s life.

One hospital in Miami, Florida, recently approached this subject by running summer fitness courses for children that not only got them active and moving in ways that entertained them, but also taught them about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

“I make it a rock star-type atmosphere and the kids get into it,” Rickey Dickenson, head of the program, told The Star. “By the end of the class, they are all sweating.”

For nannies in LA tasked with getting their young charges more active, there are a few things you can do:

  • Climbing – Any sort of safe climbing activity is great for building muscular and bone strength and endurance. Rocks, trees, jungle gyms and ropes are all great obstacles to climb.
  • Hiking – Going for a hike is another great way to get exercise that can be exciting for children and get them outside in nature.
  • Playing sports – Even playing catch regularly is a good way to engage children in exercise in a way they will find fun and exciting. Playing team sports has many other developmental benefits as well.

For nannies in Los Angeles, having some ideas for keeping children both entertained and physically active will be an important part of the job. Colonial Domestic Agency can help place you in a home that needs your skills and will benefit from having a happy, health-focused caretaker for their child.

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