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3 tips for spring car prep for chauffeurs

Part of being a chauffeur is also caring for the vehicle you drive. While you may not be financially responsible, your employer will likely task you with scheduling repairs, maintenance and cleanings. He or she always wants to be driven in style, so make sure you stay on top of these tasks and keep the vehicle in top shape year round.

As winter ends, it is important to perform a few maintenance tasks on any vehicle. Here are a few tips for preparing the car you drive for spring weather:

Cleaned and detailed – Winter can be harsh on a car, even in sunny California, so it is important to enter spring with a freshly cleaned, detailed and waxed vehicle to help eliminate dirt and grime left over from the colder months. This will also help you identify any minor cosmetic damage to the car and protect it from further harm.

Fluid check – Have a full fluid check, change and top off done to ensure the engine and other parts are ready for the season. This includes getting the oil changed, checking the brake fluid, topping off windshield wiper fluid and power steering.

Switch out disposable parts – Windshield wipers, air fresheners, floor mats and tires should all be checked and replaced if needed as spring begins. Windshield wipers in particular should be changed once a year, and spring is an excellent time to schedule this swap.

As a chauffeur you want to demonstrate pride in your job, and you can do so by keeping the vehicle you drive in excellent condition. Don't wait for your employer to ask you get it washed, take the initiative.

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