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3 ways to be a great chauffeur

Chauffeurs are not just drivers. They are representatives of the family they drive for. They're someone who can not only keep your prized possession — that 1929 Ford Model A — in top shape, but ensure that passengers enjoy the ride.

That is why it's important for chauffeurs to understand that the best in their field possess a number of specific characteristics. The following are a few of those traits:

1. Look presentable

The last thing your family's in-laws want is for a chauffeur to rudely greet them after completing an eight-hour long flight. Being a chauffeur is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Look clean, well-groomed and display a strong sense of dignity and class. How you act is also part of your presentation. Ensure you're always polite and well spoken.

2. Know the territory

While a chauffeur isn't meant to be a tour guide, it's always a nice touch to know the surrounding area, especially if guests aren't familiar with it. Ask them if they'd like to know a little bit about the city on the way to their destination. If they say "yes," tell them about some of the best places to eat or landmarks to visit. Of course, you'll want to make sure your suggestions line up with what the family has planned.

3. Know when to talk

If you give your guests a quick rundown of some prominent places to visit along your route, ensure you're not talking too much. There's a delicate balance between being informative and exasperating. Listen to your guests and read their body language.

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