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3 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a great tool for expanding your network and seeking new jobs. In the digital age, few people can afford not to have a LinkedIn profile. However, having an incomplete or poorly written profile can be even more damaging than not having one at all, which is why any job seeker needs to ensure they spend as much time on their online presence as they do their resume.

One of the first things a potential employer does in many industries is Google a prospective client's name. Whether you're applying for a job on a financial team or as a private chef, it is important to develop your online presence carefully. Create a high-quality LinkedIn profile that demonstrates your strengths and unique skills in your career path. In domestic services, this is particularly vital, as you can highlight talents and training that might be harder to showcase on a paper resume.

Here are three tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile and leveraging this social networking site to your advantage:

Fill out every field – It is critical to make sure you fill out every field available in your profile. Make sure to include all relevant job experience, type up a short summary and include a comprehensive list of skills and certifications. Leaving any area blank will leave a potential employer with the impression you don't have the experience. This also includes having a recent photo of yourself and a great, attention-grabbing headline.

Get recommendations – One benefit LinkedIn offers is the ability to give and receive recommendations for previous work experience and endorsements for your skills. It is very important to receive these, so don't hesitate to ask your connections for endorsements. Make sure the recommendations you get are from people whose opinions you value and whose impact will reflect positively on your page.

Join groups – LinkedIn also offers groups and the ability to follow top influencers. Doing so can not only provide you with career-related learning tools and networking, but also looks good to a potential employer, demonstrating your interest in your field and desire to learn. According to Forbes, you should consider joining at least 10 groups and much more than that if possible. Even more important, however, is getting involved in at least one of those groups and making a name for yourself as an influencer in your field.

Of course, beyond LinkedIn, it is also important to connect with expert job placement teams. For any domestic staffing job, electing to look for work through an agency lends legitimacy to your search and a positive voice to potential employers. If you're looking for work in the Los Angeles area, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for assistance.

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